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Data Destruction Services

NCE is here to ensure that your data doesn't fall into the wrong hands, so we’re giving you the choice between destructive and non-destructive data destruction methods.

Addressing the issue

Data security is a major concern to businesses and individuals alike. Not only are the risks of criminal damage a worry, but one has to consider the legal liability of losing or misusing customer data. There are a number of options available depending on the type of data and the customers’ personal needs. NCE provides a full range of data destruction services to meet the entire spectrum of customer requirements.

NCE’s data destruction service will ensure your valuable data never falls in the wrong hands.

Our procedure

Depending on the customer’s requirement, NCE use a number of advanced techniques for the safe removal of data from various media types. This includes NCE’s patented DiskTest software that not only tests the quality of the drive, but will remove data via a One Write Pass to the latest DOD and VSITR standards.

Should a full CESG certified process be required, our partner can provide services in full compliance with BS EN15713, PCI-DSS, HMG Information Assurance Standard No. 4 and 5, CESG Certified Claims Test Marked - CCTM and SEAP8100/8200 approved.

Pricing Model

NCE has created the following pricing matrix in a modular format, so you can tailor a solution that best fits your requirements.

1. Pickup & Delivery or On-Site Destruction

The pickup and delivery service will be carried out by NCE security cleared employees, using an NCE vehicle. NCE employees will show a Photo ID to prove their identity and will sign for collection with a document showing serial numbers. The serial number can either be produced by the client or can be generated. Should the media not be allowed to leave the customers site, then our partner has the ability to destruct data in one of their custom built shredding vehicles.

2. Install / De-Install Service

Should the drives be installed in a RAID system and the client is not able to remove the drives from the RAID system and/or drive caddies, NCE would be happy to provide this technical service from one of our nationwide Storage centric field engineers. The end-user is responsible for powering down the system.

3. Data Removal – Drive Sanitation

  • Data wipe to minimum - One Write Pass or NSA/DOD5220,22M specifications, as required
  • Full traceability from pickup to destroy/drop-off, via online web portal.Full history (traced by Serial No.), viewable via online web portal
  • Full audit trail (traced by Serial No.), viewable via online web portal.Faulty Hard Drives will have data removed to DOD spec via certified degausser
  • Certificate of Data Destruction
  • Faulty Drives & Destructive Removal media will be data wiped via certified degausser
  • Should good-working drives not be required to be returned then they can be re-sold and profit shared through our PEP scheme

4. On-Site Data Destruction – through CESG certified partner

  • Hard Drive Crusher (BIL1-2)
  • SEAP 8100 approved Shredder 6mm sieve (BIL5-6)
  • SEAP 8100 approved disintegrator with 2mm, 3mm and 6mm sieves (BIL4-6)
  • CESG approved BS EN 15713 shredder with 20 mm sieve (BIL3) BIL 4 with HL degauss
  • NIST & CESG approved Higher level Degausser (BIL6)
Thinking of you

NCE's Data Destruction Service is easily adaptable to your specific needs and requirements, and will ultimately ensure that your sensitive data will never be misused.

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