Data Recovery and Protection through Responsible Recycling of Parts
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Asset Recovery & Profit Share (PEP)

Don’t just leave money on the table. Take the green and profitable route for all your excess inventory, working or faulty. Why dispose when we can all re-use.


We are fully aware of the environmental issues that face the world today, which is one of the factors that pushed us to devise a program that promotes the re-use of materials in the most environmentally appropriate manner. PEP (Part Exchange Program) is a service specifically designed for customers to release funds and increase the life cycle of their excess inventory.

We provide complete process control, from receipt of the goods, to screening, and reselling the parts on the open market. Not only will this free up physical space for new stock, but it will also provide you with a great return through our 50/50 profit share program.


Waste not, want not

As an organization who has embraced the ISO 14001 environmental standard, at NCE we take our disposal of waste very seriously. Once the reusable components have been serviced and utilized, all remaining waste is recycled through regulated channels.

NCE Computer Group is a ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 registered company.

Data Protection & Full Traceability

Data Protection: Client data is of utmost importance. We ensure 100% of your data is removed to HMG InfoSec standard 5 baseline.

Full Traceability: NCE adopts an open book approach, allowing customers to monitor all transactions live through the PEP database. Information such a screening results, scrapped items, and value of sales can be viewed online so you're continuously up to date on the process of your transaction.

NCE's Part Exchange Program - The Green way to dispose of your excess IT inventory, recycle defective parts through green channels, and increase product lifecycle.

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