Post-Warranty Data Center Maintenance, cost-effective IT solutions

Keep your systems up and running long into the future with NCE

If you’re new to after warranty maintenance, you've come to the right page. Discover the benefits NCE provides by extending the life of your existing hardware.

Why extend the life of your hardware with NCE?

Have you ever been told by a car salesman that you needed to ditch your old ride and buy the latest model on the lot? But your car runs great, and with proper care and maintenance, it will serve you for years to come. This is no different from an OEM telling you that you need to “refresh” your IT infrastructure with their “latest, greatest” offering.

Your IT investment may be a few years old, but its intrinsic value is far greater than just the hardware on your data center floor. Irrespective of your IT equipment’s age or the state of its warranty, the efficiency and profitability of your company’s operations depend on the integrity and reliability of your equipment.

But to achieve this day-to-day goal, you don’t have to invest in new equipment. All you need is a trusted partner to provide you with the experience and expertise that meet or exceed any OEM’s maintenance service standards, and at the most affordable price.

All you need is NCE Computer Group by your side.

Spend less for performance with NCE

With over 35 years of experience and leadership, NCE Computer Group is well positioned in the industry to deliver a wide range of service offerings that are customized to our clients’ specific service level requirements, for virtually all brands and models of IT equipment. NCE takes pride in delivering this excellent service at a cost that’s up to 50% less than what the OEMs would charge for their own services.

We at NCE have an extensive nationwide network of highly trained and experienced Field and Technical Support engineers, a reliable Logistics and Material Control infrastructure, an extensive Repair Center, and a responsive Customer Care Center that’s available 7x24x365. These assets, along with the dedication of each and every NCE team member, have earned for us the trust and continued business from our ever-growing customer base. 

NCE service and the constant health of your data center ecosystem

There is no doubt that your data center was created at a significant cost, and its operations will continue to cost money. It’s taken a life of its own… but how much more should it cost you?

The challenges of today’s business climate have forced companies to look outside of their respective operations for simpler and cost-effective solutions to their IT maintenance requirements. Third party vendors have typically been an economical alternative to OEMs. However, not all third party vendors can deliver the services that their customers expect of them, and this continues to fuel the contention that customers should always turn to the OEM for service and support.

NCE has risen above this debate, and has proven itself as a leading name in the IT maintenance industry.

When you choose to have your service contract with NCE Computer Group, you can be assured that the continued health of your data center is in our experienced and expert hands, and that your best interests are in the heart of our company.

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