Tegile Hybrid & All Flash Arrays

NCE os one of the leading US independent computer support, supply and maintenance experts, with independent sales and specialist experience in maintaining and supporting the full range of Tegile Storage Arrays.

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Tegile Hybrid & All Flash Arrays

Tegile offers a wide range of Hybrid and All Flash Arrays architected for high performance and capacity providing up to 336TB of raw capacity (1.68PB of compressed and deduped capacity). Tegile arrays support multiple transfer protocols including Fibre Channel, iSCSI and NAS (NFS, CIFS + SMB 3.0).

Tegile T3800

Other features include;

  • VM-Aware Management Tools
  • Single-click storage provisioning
  • Remote replication
  • True in-line compression and deduplication
  • Accelerated meta data handling
  • Advanced flash-driven caching algorithm
  • Snapshots & Thin Provisioning

Storage Arrays

  HA2100 HA2130 HA2100EP HA2130EP HA2300
CPU 2 x Xeon E5620 4 x Xeon E5620
DRAM Memory 96GB 192GB
Flash Memory 600GB 1200GB 1200GB 2400GB 1200GB
Min Raw Capacity 22TB 33TB 16TB 24TB 16TB
Max Raw Capacity 100TB 150TB 120TB 180TB 144TB
Min Effective Capacity* 100TB 165TB 80TB 120TB 80TB
Max Effective Capacity* 500TB 750TB 600TB 900TB 720TB
Rack Space 3U 2U
Host Connectivity 12 x 1GbE, Dual-port 4/8Gb FC, Dual-port 10GbE, Quad-port 1GbE
  Hybrid All Flash
  HA2400 T3400 T2800 T3800
CPU 2 x Xeon E5620 4 x Xeon E5-2450 2 x Xeon E5620 4 x Xeon E5-2450
DRAM Memory 192GB
Flash Memory 2200GB 28.2TB 4400GB 48TB
Min Raw Capacity 11TB 26TB 4.4TB 48TB
Max Raw Capacity 139TB 314TB 148.4TB 336TB
Min Effective Capacity* 55TB 130TB 22TB 240TB
Max Effective Capacity* 695TB 1PB 742TB 1.68PB
Rack Space 2U
Host Connectivity 12 x 1GbE, Dual-port 4/8Gb FC, Dual-port 10GbE, Quad-port 1GbE

* Based on 5:1 data reduction factor

Expansion Shelves

  J2100 J2130 ES2300 ES2400 ES4000 ES4100 ES3800 ES4800
Flash Memory 600GB 1200GB 800GB 1200GB - 1600GB 48TB 144TB
Raw Capacity 26TB 39TB 20TB 18TB 72TB 64TB 48TB 144TB
Rack Space 3U 3U 2U 2U 4U 4U 2U 4U

NCE is able to fully support the Tegile Hybrid & All Flash Arrays with sales, Professional Services, full support and maintenance.

For Tegile Hybrid & All Flash Array Support;

Call: 619.212.3000 or Email: 4info@ncegroup.com - or use the quote form opposite.

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