Nexsan Assureon Series

Nexsan Assureon

NCE has expert level technicians ready to repair and support high performance SAN storage systems. With maintenance, professional services, and the third party sale of Nexsan Storage Arrays, there is no need to look no further than NCE.

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Nexsan Assureon

The Nexsan Assureon Series is a transparent archiving solution with industry leading data integrity, offering file encryption (AES-256), fingerprinting, versioning and WORM (Write Once Read Many) functionality. The Assureon is an appliance package utilising the popular E-Series or SATAbeast storage arrays.

Nexsan Assureon

Dual-Write capability is used to provide data integrity by storing the files in two separate RAID Sets or systems (with replication packages), alongside this the Assureon will continoully verify the file data between copies and signatures to ensure the data is valid at all times. With the replication (SXR) packages this will also provide an Active/Active clustering solution able to service requests either side of the replication.

Nexsan Assureon Replication

The Assureon can integrate into a Windows or Linux environment providing CIFS and NFS NAS shares for fast access, also Active Directory integration is supported (including audit trails). Virtual Shortcuts are created on the primary storage for quick and transparent access via the Assureon.

Nexsan Assureon Retention

There are three types of Retention Policies with the Assureon;

  • Guaranteed Retention (7 Years) - This method keeps all file versions, and once it has expired file access is removed but can be regained by extending the rentention policy or permantely deleted by request and approval.
  • Flexible Retention (30 Days min - 99 Years) - This method will keep all file versions, and files can only be deleted once the minimum retention period has passed. Retention can be extended or shortened to delete a file earlier, also a maximum number of versions can be specified for storage optimisation.
  • Hybrid followed by Flexible Retention (7 Year min - 99 Years) - This method will keep all file versions, and files can only be deleted once the minimum retention period has passed. Retention period can be extended but must be shortened to delete files earlier.

The Assureon has many available configurations, capacity sizes are below.

SATAbeast E18 E48 E60
34TB, 68TB 14TB, 28TB, 42TB, 56TB 160TB 150TB, 200TB

NCE is ready to fully support the Nexsan Assureon with third party sales, professional services and maintenance.

For Nexsan Assureon Support;

Call: 619.212.3000 or Email: - or use the quote form opposite.

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