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FalconStor Continuous Data Protector

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FalconStor Optimized Backup & Deduplication

FalconStor Optimized Backup & Deduplication is a disk-based solution for backup optimisation utilising deduplication with Virtual Tape Library and NAS technology. FalconStor can provide up to 11.2TB of throughput per node per hour.

FalconStor CDP

optimized Backup & Deduplication supports two concurrent modes of use;

  • VTL (Virtual Tape Library) - emulate a physical tape library with extra features but at the speed of disk
  • NAS - create a NFS or CIFS share for backups or archive storage, with the use of deduplication for space utilisation

optimized Backup & Deduplication can be configured into High Availability pairs and scaled out for added performance and redundancy.

It is available is three form factors;

  • Gateway Appliance (up to 3.84PB)
  • Storage Appliance (up to 192TB)
  • Software-Only (for custom implementations)

Many features are available such as;

  • Automated Tape Caching - use disk to cache a physical tape library for faster restores
  • Tape Consolidation - export multiple Virtual Tapes to a single physical tape
  • Multi-Tape Export - create multiple physical copies of Virtual Tapes
  • Tape Shredding (US DoD 5220.22-M Standard)
  • WAN Replication (with MicroScan, only transmit unique drive sectors - 512 bytes)
  • iSCSI + Fibre Channel Support
  • AES128 & 256 Encryption

NCE is able to fully support FalconStor optimized Backup & Deduplication with sales, Professional Services and full support.

For FalconStor optimized Backup & Deduplication Support;

Call: 619.212.3000 or Email: 4info@ncegroup.com - or use the quote form opposite.

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