Dell PowerVault ML6010 Tape Library

Dell PowerVault ML6010 Tape Library

NCE is one of the leading US independent computer maintenance and support experts, with specialist experience in maintaining and supporting the full range of Dell Tape Storage Data Solutions including the ML6010, versatile, enterprise-level tape library that allows storage area network (SAN) environments for true disaster recovery solution.

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Dell ML6010 Support and Maintenance: Highly Flexible in Responses to IT Demands, Single Point of Contact

Dell PowerVault ML6010 Tape Library

The PowerVault™ ML6010 is a powerful enterprise robotic tape library that uses the optical cartridge location technology for precision cartridge handling and inventory, which helps improve the overall reliability of backups.

Web-based remote management: perform diagnostics, check status, monitor operations and logs, and upgrade firmware. Library comes with general tests to verify the usability and reliability of the library.

The PowerVault ML6010 Tape Library is designed to provide easily expandable backup space with room for as many as 48 cartridges. As a result, you can create a powerful configuration that offers a nominal capacity of 32.8TB to a maximum storage capacity of up to 65TB with 2 : 1 compression. The PowerVault ML6010 offers an automated solution for both Local Area Network (LAN) and Storage Area Network (SAN) environments.

  Dell PowerVault ML6010 System Tape Library
Number of Cartridges 41 slots, preconfigured
Throughput 6MB/sec LTO-3, LTO4 to 8MB/sec LTO-5
Inventory Time 2 to 4 minutes (typicaly)
Capacity 32.8TB, with compression 2 : 1, 72TB
Number of Drives 1 to 2 (F/H) in a container(s) called a drive sled
Host Connectivity SCSI, FC, single or dual ports
Configuration Rackmount, on rails. 5U library
Redundant Power Supplies 2 x PSUs (N+1)

NCE Computer Group is able to fully support the Dell ML6010 library with independent on site service, workshop repair, maintenance, parts, brokerage and sales.

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