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Returns Processing & Technical Services in the USA

Avoid Possible Border Adjustment Taxes and Investigate Onshore Repair and Technical Services

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Complete our form for more information about our Returns Processing & Technical Services in the USA. Alternatively, please call Pete Paisley, Supply Chain Sales Manager on: (619) 212-3036 or email

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What Are the Proposed Changes to the U.S. Tax Policy?

Many in the Supply Chain community are concerned about the new administration and their proposed changes to U.S. Corporate tax policy, particularly the possibility of new taxes on imports.

While the so called border taxes are getting all the press, it is but one aspect of the overall tax plans being proposed by both the GOP and the Trump administration.

We'll explore the big picture in order to better assess what actions we can take as supply chain professionals in response to these changes...

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NCE's Supply Chain Services

NCE provides a complete solution for Supply Chain Services including process engineering, screen, test, repair, logistics, technical support, customer service and field services.

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Would you be interested in localized screen/test/repair solutions? NCE Group provides domestic services at globalized rates for processing your product returns. NCE are leaders in engineering a cost effective technical screening and repair solution that can get your returns back in your service pool quickly.


Break your dependence on your offshore contract manufacturer. NCE can engineer a repair solution for your products quickly and at minimal cost, even if you don’t own the process now. Contact us to discuss how our engineering services can help you simplify your supply chain and prepare your business for upcoming changes to the tax laws.


Along with repair, NCE also provides field services in most countries worldwide. NCE can deliver a complete service solution including: installations, field maintenance response, call center, and other value added services providing a single hand to hold to help your service business run better.

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NCE Group is a global provider of onsite and supply chain services for OEM’s and service providers. The NCE portfolio of services includes: supply chain (screen/test/repair), Multi-Vendor Service (MVS), Help Desk, Technical Support, IT Asset Disposition (ITAD), parts sales, engineering and project services. Since 1981, NCE Group has been providing quality solutions for service and support from our regional service centers in the United States and United Kingdom.


Learn more about our full suite of services. We’ll help you design a repair solution to meet your exacting specifications and reduce the complexity
and costs in your current service delivery model. For more information contact Pete Paisley, VP of Supply Chain Onshoring Services at:
(619) 212-3026 or email

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Onshoring Services

NCE Field Service SAN Services

SAN Services

NCE can provide you with SAN services, from Implemetation, Installation, configuration F/W - H/W upgrades, Health checks and S/W support.

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NCE Field Service Global Coverage

Global Coverage

NCE provides IT Services in over 120 Countries worldwide.

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NCE Field Service Software Support

Software Support

Did you know that NCE can provide operating system support for Oracle, IBM, HP, NetApp, and more

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NCE Disk Tester On-Site Or Off

On-Site Or Off

The compact, convenient & cost effective way to repair and re-use more hard drives.

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